Atlantis Development has extensive knowledge and expertise in making complex systems easy to understand and easy to manage. Here are some of the more recent solutions we have developed for our customers and partners.

Web Content Management Systems

We use our proprietary Web Content Management System, developed entirely in .Net with a clustered Microsoft SQL server database back-end as a strong competitive advantage. Architected and developed from scratch to provide a platform for our custom web solutions.

Our Engineers have deep experience developing complex content management systems to provide real time analysis of terabytes of data. The management systems we have developed are in use in over 160 countries by thousands of customers.

Predictive Weather Systems

ne of the more unique systems Atlantis Development has delivered includes an advanced weather prediction and reporting engine.

This system required the mining of large amounts of raw data and turning that data into an easy to digest format. This system provides detailed current and future weather forecasting in a straight forward english format and graphical formats.

Atlantis Development was well suited to deliver this weather forecast platform. Utilizing our unique experience of analyzing Internet traffic storms, tracking network anomalies, and easy to use web interfaces, we were able to quickly develop a world-wide forecasting solution.

This forecasting solution was delivered on multiple platforms. PC, Web-based, Windows Mobile, and iPhone.

Remote Device Management

One of Atlantis Development's core technologies is our Internet based remote monitoring and management systems, comprising of intelligent GPRS devices, fault tolerant communications protocols, web-based management, and executive overviews. We were delivering Internet of Things solutions before it was a buzzword !

Using the latest standards based hardware and software, Atlantis Development delivers custom device and process monitoring. We have extensive experience of network systems, network operations centers, internet protocols, and embedded devices. This unique history provides our remote monitoring and telemetry customers robust monitoring and management of their mission critical systems.

Managing enormous amounts of data and turning that raw data into knowledge systems is one of Atlantis Development's strengths. We have a proven track record of developing systems that collect, store, process, roll-up, and report gigabytes of data from thousands of remote devices.   

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Petroleum systems
  • Flow monitoring
  • Event Management
  • Remote process monitoring and control
  • Harsh environments
  • Solar powered remote terminals when needed

Real-Time Tracking Systems

Atlantis Development's R&D labs have developed an extensive set of GPS management libraries. 

Included in this set of technologies are a GPS communications engine, full graphics library of speedometers, compass, directional indicators, satellite view, etc, remote telemetry updates, extensive GeoFencing support, correlation engine, event management engine, alerting system, and a lightning fast web interface with satellite and road views.

As with all Atlantis Development solutions, enourmous amounts of data is never a problem. Vehicle and People Tracking generate enourmous amounts of data. Atlantis Development has a proven track record of managing these kind of data streams.

  • World-wide reverse and forward GeoCoding
  • Reporting uses human readable addresses, not lat/lon coordinates
  • Real-time GeoFencing violation detection
  • Complex polygon, distance from an address, routing, and regional GeoFencing
  • Fastest web-based interface on the market
  • Custom systems integeration
  • Real-Time and historical tracking

Atlantis Development has delivered an advanced set of tracking systems. We are commited to integrating the best technology available from our partners as well as developing cutting edge GPS tracking technologies in house.

Utility Systems Management

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of networks and network monitoring, Atlantis Development has built a set of unique platforms for large utility companies. We believe it is time that water, electrical, and natural gas utility management receive the same kind of focus and advanced software systems that network management systems have received over the past twenty years.

Over the past twenty years, network management, cable modem management, and Internet backbone management systems have been developed to a highly user friendly, yet still sophisticated and fault tolerant level. Atlantis Development's R&D staff played a major role in this technology shift. We are now bringing this level of software technology into Utility Management Systems.

  • Large pipes water flow and management
  • Electric substation monitoring and management
  • Natural gas pipeline monitoring
  • Executive and Operations level dashboards
  • Event Management
  • Advanced alerting system
  • Built-in audit trails and security

Personality Analysis

We are also passionate about helping people and supporting families.

We built a personality analysis engine for one of the Christian Ministries we support. Development of this analysis engine was very different from our typical project of capturing real-time data from thousands of devices and sensors. This project captures a person's opinions and personality traits. It then analyzes this data using time proven psychological methods to help each individual understand how they and each member of their family approach problems, react to situations, and respond to life.

This was a fun project that is helping newly married couples and marriages in crisis work and enjoy life together across America.

Support for Medical Devices fighting Covid-19

During the Global Pandemic, Atlantis Development partnered with medical device manufacturers to provide real-time tracking for Covid-19 patients and their families.

One of the solutions we are quite proud of allows patients to track the Blood Oxygen levels of their family. As you may know, a decreasing Blood Oxygen level is a leading indicator that a Covid-19 patient's lung performance is deteriorating and may need quick hospitalization. Atlantis Development's software solutions allows patients to monitor their own Blood Oxygen and other vital signs at home. Knowing that their vial signs are within acceptable ranges provides peace of mind for the patients and their families during this time of crisis.

Atlantis Development's monitoring solutions can also provide real-time notifications to doctors and other caregivers when an at home patient's vital signs begin to deteriorate.

City Mission / Ministry Center Systems

Over the years, we have been blessed beyond anything we ever expected. 

One way we have used our talents to help others is the delivery and support of very low-cost support systems for Christian city missions. In 2004, we developed our first Ministry Center Management System. In 2018, this system was moved entirely to the web. This Ministry Center Management System includes client appointment scheduling, counseling support, service delivery (food, clothing, medical, dental, prescription, etc.), and monthly reporting for each city mission's partners and supporters.

This year, Atlantis Development's "Ministry Center Systems" project will process tens of thousands of families within city missions across America. Currently these software systems, hardware, support, and hosting within our data centers are provided at no cost to selected city missions that help homeless, job-less, poverty stricken, and elderly families.

Cash Payment Network

Atlantis Development has developed a very unique cash payment network for one of our portfolio companies. This solution provides a simple way for consumers to purchase from online retailers and pay with cash instead of credit cards or checks. 

Building Security Management

We needed a custom security management system for use within our own buildings. So ... we created one! 

This was a fun project that combined electronic design, RF ID, network communications, database management, and Alert processing.

Atlantis Labs, our R&D division created all of the hardware and software used for this project. 

Real-Time Video Events

Monitoring many IP security cameras for events can take a LOT of CPU and storage. Atlantis Development created a Real-Time Video processing and Event Management system that simplifies this task. Video and still images are archived and prioritized. Past Events can be easily scanned visually for interesting or critical incidents. 

Atlantis Development's Real-Time Video Events system manages terabytes of video and image data quickly while providing an easy to use web interface.