About Atlantis Development

Atlantis Development specializes in the creation of specialized solutions for remote monitoring and management of process control systems.

We apply our extensive knowledge and experience of Network Management Systems toward building remote monitoring and management solutions for other industries.

  • Public Utilities
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas
  • Criminal Justice
  • GPS Tracking and Location Services
  • Building Automation and Security Systems
  • Predictive Weather Forecasting

... a bit of history

Atlantis Development is an industry-leading, experienced group of Software Engineers with a strong track record.

Twenty years ago, we founded and developed the undisputed leader in network and systems management platforms : SolarWinds Network Management. The same people who founded SolarWinds in 1998, wrote the network management platforms and grew the company into the world's premier provider of network and systems management solutions are the founders and engineers behind Atlantis Development.

In the 1990's we developed operational support systems for major hardware and telecommunications providers and their customers ... custom solutions designed for WorldCom, Sprint, AT&T, HP, Lucent, MCI, Wal-Mart, and many others.

Expert analysis, design, and implementation of complex systems ... that's what we do.